Essential Information About Air Ambulance Service in Vancouver

Quick Guide to Staying Healthy on the Air

Air ambulanceIf you are planning to accompany someone on an air ambulance service from Vancouver, then there are some things you need to remember or some steps you need to take before getting on an air ambulance flight. You can make the most out of the flight. While you may be preoccupied with other tasks before the flight you need to take care of yourself.

Here are some things to consider before you get on that air ambulance service in Vancouver.

  • Consider bringing up your immune system by taking vitamin c or Echinacea supplements, a few days before the flight. This is going to help your body fight off any viruses or germs that may be circulating in the aircraft. It’s an enclosed aircraft so you can expect some foreign germs to be floating around in the air flow system of the aircraft so take precautions. You can also wear a flu mask for added protection.
  • Try not to sit with your legs crossed, or in any position that may hinder circulation to your out body parts for a long period of time. In other words if a certain sitting position would give your leg cramps then you should try to avoid sitting in a position that will cut off circulation to your body parts.
  • You may ask the Vancouver air ambulance service if they are keeping any snacks or drinks on the aircraft, which they almost always probably do, or if you can bring your own snacks or drinks on board. This is important to keep your blood sugar up and to keep you will hydrate so you won’t get dehydrated and get bad headaches on a really long flight from Vancouver.

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