What to Expect During Emergency: Air Ambulance in Texas

Things To Expect On Emergency Cases

In Texas and just like in other parts of the world, emergency is inevitable. However, emergency cases when responded as early as possible can prevent the scenario to worsen. The prompt response of paramedics and ground ambulance is certainly beneficial for many patients. One important and advance lifesaving services and care given to patients these days is the use of air ambulance in Texas.

For patients who want to hire air ambulance services, you need to be prepared.

air-ambulanceYou had better understand how the process works in an air medical dispatch service before calling the hot line number. After the call is received, you will be asked with lots of questions. Such is done to better, or best understand your emergency concern. The person you are calling in the hot line is not the person who will be flying the medical aircraft. The information is being relayed to the Case Manager or the paramedic team.

The case manager or the medical team will obtain the medical report of the attending doctor or medical facility of the patient. The manager will be the one to determine the medical personnel to be on board.
On the transport day, the case specialist will manage the trip to make sure everything will go smoothly. The medical team will arrive to your home or in the hospital to evaluate the patient.

Series of tests and observations are being done, like pulse rate, breathing rate, temperature, blood pressure and more. These tests are important as the hospital staff/doctor may ask for these. The transfer of the patient to the aircraft will be initiated when the assessment is done. At the receiving airport, a ground ambulance is waiting to take the patient to the receiving facility.

Don’t expect the crew of air ambulance in Texas know everything. Their primary role is to provide emergency medical care. The patient may be allowed to have one relative to travel with on board, depending on the service’s policy.

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