Add Air Ambulance Service in Illinois to Your Insurance Policy

Insurance for Faster Medical Care

air ambulanceAre you interested to have a health insurance? Have you already talked to an insurance agent and ask for policies, coverages and quotes you could avail? There are plenty of add-ons for health insurance and an air ambulance service in Illinois is just one. Maternity coverage or retirement policies are just two of the most popular, but medical air transportation should not just be an optional coverage.

Air ambulance services are not highly considered by many. On the other hand, this coverage is beneficial in case of emergency especially when you are located far from the hospital or medical facility. It surely is an expensive addition to your policy, but it is best to have it included in your policy instead of hiring the service separately.

For years, air ambulance services Illinois have helped many patients in serious accidents or emergencies. Air ambulance is somehow similar to ground ambulance that also includes paramedics to provide immediate assistance to the patient. The difference is that, air ambulance uses aircrafts like jets or helicopters and transport patients as fast as possible to the hospital.

The flight of the air ambulance from the area of the accident to the hospital is faster compared to the ground ambulance. While on the flight, the paramedics provide medications or treatment to the patient. Thus, the patients’ survival rate increases.

A ground ambulance service is far less costly than the air ambulance. However, if the air ambulance service is added to the policy, about half or some percentage of the fee for the air ambulance is paid by the health insurance company.

It is best to get in touch with your insurance company or with your agent to inquire first about your options on air ambulance service in Illinois. Ask if your coverage is sufficient to add air ambulance service.

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